Cybernics Standard

"Cybernics standard" course subjects have been established, and human resources are being trained through various innovative programs in which they acquire basic knowledge and techniques.

Cybernics Tutorial Study

Educational Program

Firstly, Cybernics tutorial studies are being implemented with an emphasis on fostering the ability of students to develop the ability to think from multiple perspectives. The learning format involves instructors from multiple fields teaching small classes, which is a critical part of developing this field through alliances among medicine, engineering and the humanities. This course is a taught in a practical tutorial format that is designed to discuss specific issues in small groups and reach a conclusion within the hour. The tutorial format is designed as an engineering-type tutorial study that is based on a combination of tutorial formats that are widely used in medical fields and interviews with British researchers who are pioneers of this method. Here, the focus is on nurturing the ability of students to take multifaceted approach to solving actual issues in the composite field of human-machine-information systems. Unlike courses which are mainly composed of lectures by instructors, students actively examine case studies. Instructors from multiple disciplines in medicine, engineering and the humanities teach small classes where they discuss special topics with students related to unresolved and unexplored fields. The results of these discussions are announced at research presentations.

Cybernics Project Research

In addition, project-type research programs ("cybernics project research") are undertaken by a student as a research leader who proposes and executes a project together with graduate and undergraduate students to drive the research project. This involves a series of processes including proposals for research plans, interviews, conducting research, interim evaluations, compiling reports on results, and post-completion evaluations, during which the student research leader proceeds with his project research as he receives both internal and external evaluations to cultivate his leadership and management capabilities.

Cybernics Internship

There is also emphasis on hands-on learning. Through Cybernics Internship Program, students can gain valuable experience with research and development with companies having academic alliances, with clinical trials with medical organizations, etc., both in Japan and overseas. As a result, students should become able to understand the importance of safety risk assessment as they recognize and implement the high research standards that can be used for clinical trial standards, and to discover problems to be solved within real-life situations.