Welcome to the 5th International Workshop on Cybernics (IWC2012)

As the General Chair of the IWC2012, I heartily welcome you to Tsukuba.

The International Workshop on Cybernics is organized by the students of the Global COE Program on “Cybernics: fusion of human, machine, and information systems” at the University of Tsukuba to foster and promote Cybernics research. Cybernics was proposed in the 1990’s by Yoshiyuki Sankai, a professor of the University of Tsukuba, as an advanced interdisciplinary research on the fusion of human, machine and information systems, which strengthens the coexistence and interdependence between technology and mankind. Cybernics is a new frontier of science that centers on cybernetics, mechatronics and informatics, and integrates human and robot functionally, organically and socially with information technology. It is a complex interdisciplinary area in which robotics, brain science and neuroscience, information technology, ergonomics, ‘Kansei’ engineering, physiology, social science and even ethics are deeply intertwined. Some examples of research topics within Cybernics are: Cognitive systems engineering, Daily life support, Human machine interface, Cyborg technologies, Rehabilitation Devices, Neuroscience/Brain machine interface, Vital sensing technology, Human-robot interaction, and Kansei engineering/ergonomics.

The theme of IWC2012 is "Research impacts on individuals and society". In this workshop, we would like to focus on how your research results connect to individual and social benefit. You are expected to show to the audiences not only what your research is, but also what are the impacts of your studies for individuals and society. We hope you will join us in Tsukuba in March 2012.

General Chair of the International Workshop on Cybernics 2012

Hayato Koba


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  Workshop Information

     5th International Workshop on Cybernics (IWC2012)
     - Research impacts on individuals and society -
     First meeting room, University Hall (Daigaku Kaikan)
     University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
     March 13th, 2012
Registration Fee:
     0 yen




     Yoshiyuki Sankai (Professor, University of Tsukuba)
     Junji Takahashi (Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Tsukuba)

General Chair:
     Hayato Koba (Doctoral Student, University of Tsukuba)


     Secretary of IWC2012
     Administrative Office Cybernics Program (Global COE), University of Tsukuba
     1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba 305-8573, Japan


  List of Topics

-Cognitive systems engineering
-Daily life support
-Human machine interface
-Cyborg technologies
-Rehabilitation Devices
-Neuroscience / Brain machine interface
-Vital sensing technology
-Human-robot interaction
-Kansei engineering/ergonomics

  Important Dates

(2012.1.30 Submission deadline extended.)

January 15th, 2012: Submission page is open   
January 30th, 2012: Submission deadline
February 3rd, 2012: Submission deadline(extended)
February 4th, 2012 Submission page closed.
March 13th, 2012: Workshop date

  Previous Workshops

     The series of workshop on Cybernics began at Amsterdam in March 2008 (invitation only, about 20 scientific presentations and more than 60 participants), and then the second workshop meeting at Tsukuba, Japan, in November 2009 (about 15 scientific presentations and more than 50 participants). We have also organized a workshop in conjunction with IEEE ICRA2009 at Kobe, Japan in May 2009.

     This workshop is organized and supported by the Global Centers of Excellence for Cybernics Program funded by MEXT, Japan (Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology, Japan), with the support of the University of Tsukuba.