March 21, 2008
Victoria Hotel Amsterdam
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This local symposium will bring together more than twenty invited researchers, professionals, and governmental officials, which focuses on "Cybernics." The organizers are particularly interested in receiving contributions from the related research areas. The symposium will provide us with opportunity to discuss and explore new ideas in the related fields. A general introduction to what Cybernics is, its concept and academic disciplines is given at the symposium. Also the Cybernics research activities will be introduced by program members of the University of Tsukuba.

Cybernics: Cybernics is a new interdisciplinary academic field of human-assistive technology to enhance, strengthen, and support human's cognitive and physical functions, which challenges to integrate and harmonize humans and robots (RT: robotics technology) with the basis of information technology (IT) in a functional, organic, and social manner. This is one of key technologies to counter the problems related to an aging population and declining birth rate, and aims to develop a new-generation of medical, rehabilitation and welfare technologies.


Areas of interest include, but are not limited to
- Cyborg studies
- Implantable devices (micro and nano- technology)
- Tissue engineering/Function replacement
- Neuroscience/Brain interface
- Kansei engineering/Ergonomics
- Medical welfare engineering
- Life support technology for elderly people (remote, in-home, hospital, institution, community medical welfare, vital-sensing)
- Robotics (life support, assistive technology, human support, middleware, fundamental technology)
- Human machine interface
- Ubiquitous computing/Sensing
- Secure database information technology
- Vital database construction technology
- Frontier medicine welfare network technology
- Creation of new industry (MOT, management, intellectual property management, legal issues)

Intended audience

Researcher (Robotics, Medicine, Man-Machine Interface), Welfare Engineer, Physical Therapist, administrations in ministry of health, labour and welfare.

This symposium is organized and supported by the Global Centers of Excellence for Cybernics Program funded by MEXT, Japan (Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology, Japan), with the support of the University of Tsukuba.